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The Feelware Audio Voice Output helps blind and visually impaired people to operate their washing machines and tumble dryers independently. The patented voice output announces the name of the selected washing programme and gives useful instructions for operation. Feelware audio can be retrofitted to many washing machines and dryers. We also offer talking washing machines and tumble dryers as a complete package. Many customers report that Feelware Audio enables them to operate their appliance better than people with normal sight. Discover your access to perfect laundry care with talking washers and dryers from Feelware.

Customer Reviews

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"Wonderful! I have the talking washing machine and the talking dryer from Feelware. It's a super support and works well."

Dieter R.

"My washing machine still works well, but I couldn't operate it myself. That's why I decided to have it retrofitted with the Feelware Audio voice output. With the voice output, which was specially adapted for my appliance, it is very easy for me to operate it!"


"Super! We never thought our dryer would talk to us. It couldn't be easier to use! You know exactly which setting is selected and don't have to remember anything."


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