Talking washing machine Siemens WM14NFW7-5 Audio

Talking washing machine Siemens WM14NFW7-5 Audio

Programme settings and operating instructions as voice announcements

Accessible for blind and visually impaired people

7kg capacity, 1400 1/min

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Modern and accessible - Feelware's talking washing machine

With this modern washing machine, blind and visually impaired people can wash their laundry gently, energy-efficiently and particularly quietly. Thanks to the Feelware audio voice output, the washing machine can be operated comfortably and accessible. Independence and comfort in your own home have never been so much fun.

Intuitive operation through voice prompts

Operation is via a rotary knob for programme selection and via 4 touch buttons on the washing machine display. All washing programmes are announced as soon as the programme selection knob is turned to the corresponding position. If you wish, you can listen to additional information about the current programme by tapping the rotary knob. This gives you all the important information about the current programme and the available setting options. The touch buttons become recognisable and operable with the help of a precisely fitting template. With this unit, there is no need for tedious memorisation of the unit's functions and setting options. Instead, the full range of functions of the appliance is available to you simply and easily. The washing machine is so easy to operate when equipped with the Feelware Audio System that many users report being able to operate their appliances just as well as people with full vision.

Programmes and functions

With a total of 15 programmes, there is a suitable setting for every type of textile. Among others, the washing machine offers the following programmes:

• Cotton programmes with washing temperatures from 20° to 90°.

• Easy-care, wool, delicates & silk, quick programmes, hygiene programme for allergy sufferers

• Time preselection to end the programme at a desired time

• Time-saving mode

• Refill function to add laundry after the programme has started

Many of the programmes can be adapted to your needs, e.g. by setting the spin speed, shortening the running time and a time preselection.

Scope of delivery

7kg washing machine from Siemens, Feelware Audio rotary knob, template for touch keys, Feelware AudioBox voice output unit, audible operating instructions on CD.

Services available

We offer the following services for this unit: Delivery to the point of use, installation and connection, disposal of old appliance. Please note that old appliances must be disconnected from electricity and water, emptied and freely accessible. On request, we offer instruction in use and operation. Services are subject to an additional charge.

Financial support

Under certain conditions, grants and subsidies can be claimed for the purchase of this accessible household appliance. You can find more information here: Finanzierung

Customer reviews

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"My wife and I are both visually impaired and doing laundry was a very big challenge for us. However, we manage very well with the Feelware talking washing machine. The announcements of the programmes are a real relief when doing laundry if you are blind or visually impaired."

Wofgang G., talking washing machine Siemens WM14NFW7 Audio

"Good all round! My talking washing machine makes my life easier and the operation works flawlessly. I can finally do my laundry independently again and don't have to rely on help."

Ruth G., talking washing machine Siemens WM14NFW7 Audio

"Wonderful! I have the talking washing machine and the talking dryer from Feelware. It's a super support and works well."

Dieter R., talking washing machine WM14NFW7 audio

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