Feelware Audio Retrofit for tumble dryer

Feelware Audio Retrofit for tumble dryer

Accessible operation through audible programme announcements

Voice prompts as operating aid and for further settings

Can be retrofitted to many tumble dryers

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We teach your tumble dryer to talk to you

Your dryer works reliably, but you can no longer operate it because the symbols and labels on the appliance are not clearly visible? You have recently purchased a new appliance and can't cope with the operation because you can't see the settings?

With the Feelware Audio voice output for retrofitting, many tumble dryers can be equipped with voice announcements to make them accessible to operate. The current programme is announced as soon as it is selected with the programme selection knob. By tapping the rotary knob, additional information about the current programme can be heard if desired. In this way, you learn the most important information about the functions of your unit during operation. Furthermore, additional tactile symbols for display keys and switches provide safe assistance during operation. There is no longer any need for tedious memorisation of the unit's functions and setting options. Instead, you operate your device safely, comfortably and easily.

Intuitive operation through voice prompts

Operation is via a rotary knob to select the programmes and via touch buttons on the display of the respective washing appliance. The intelligent Feelware Audio rotary knob is attached to the rotary knob of the tumble dryer to record the settings of the appliance. The announcements for the different programmes are emitted via a separate loudspeaker and contain information on the different programmes as well as instructions on how to use the touch buttons on the display. The touch buttons are marked with the help of very small stencils. Equipping the washing machine with the Feelware Audio System makes it so easy to operate that you can take care of your laundry on your own.

Can your device be converted?

he Feelware Audio retrofit can be adapted to many different dryers. In order to determine whether your washing machine can be retrofitted, we need four photos of the machine:

1. control panel with all buttons, switches and knobs from the front panel

2. control knob and surrounding labelling from the frontal view

3. control knob from the side view

4. type plate of the unit, so that we can read the manufacturer and type number.

Send us the photos by e-mail to: hallo@feelware.eu.

We will get back to you shortly and let you know whether the Feelware Audio retrofit can also be adapted to your device. An overview of devices that can be equipped with the Feelware Audio retrofit can be found here: Link

Scope of delivery

Feelware Audio voice output individually adapted, consisting of Feelware Audio device knob and Feelware Audiobox voice output unit, templates for marking buttons and switches, audible operating instructions on CD, power supply unit.

Attention, the household appliance is not part of the delivery.

Services available

The installation of the voice output can be done by a sighted person. Special skills are not necessary. If you do not have anyone in your environment who can help you with the installation, we will find experts in your area to install the speech output for you. Upon request, we offer instruction in use and operation. Services are subject to an extra charge.

Customer reviews

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"Super! We never thought our dryer would talk to us. It couldn't be easier to use! You know exactly which setting is selected and don't have to remember anything."

Bettina, Feelware Audio retrofit for tumble dryers

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