About Us

We are pioneers in accessible home appliances, helping blind and visually impaired people gain comfortable, safe and independent access to hot food and clean clothes.

Presentation video of Feelware. Created during a startup competition.

Feelware presentation video


The idea for Feelware was born when, while buying a kitchen, Robert noticed by chance that household appliances were not accessible for blind people. He decides that it is unacceptable to exclude people from access to hot food and clean clothes simply because they cannot see well.


Together with a group of blind people, the first Feelware products are created. They are equipped with tactile symbols and help our first customers with cooking and washing from summer 2019.

Feelware's mission to enable visually impaired people drwas the attention of Rotterdam School of Management to the early stage startup.

Feelware mission video

Prototype of Feelware Audio vioce output.

Prototype presentation Feelware Audio.


Jean joins Feelware and we are a powerful team. Feelware Audio voice output goes from prototype to finished product.


The first built-in cookers and ovens are equipped with the new voice output and delight customers in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

First product presentation video of Feelware Audio voice output for cookers.

Presentation Feelware Audio for cookers
Short explanation video Feelware.

Feelware teaser 2022

Feelware mission and products explained in 90 seconds


The Feelware team grows and we now also offer talking washing machines and tumble dryers. After the restrictions of the pandemic, we are happy to be able to travel to trade fairs and to our customers again.