Talking mini oven Steba KBM23 Audio

Talking mini oven Steba KBM23 Audio

Appliance settings and preparation recommendations as a voice prompt

Accessible operation for blind and visually impaired people

Ideal for households up to 2 people

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The compact oven with voice output

The talking mini oven will become your practical helper in the kitchen in no time. Despite its compact dimensions, pizzas and cakes up to 28 cm turn out perfectly. You can roast meat and fish in the oven, grill and bake pastries. Thanks to its fast heating times, it is ideal for households with one or two people and saves time and energy compared to built-in appliances.

Intuitive operation through voice prompts

The settings of the appliance are output as a voice announcement. If you set the temperature to 180°, you will hear the announcement "180°". Similarly, the various baking functions such as top and bottom heat, convection, etc. are announced. The cooking time setting is also announced during the setting, and the remaining cooking time is announced at intervals of a few minutes. So you are always well informed about the current setting of the versatile oven. When the set cooking time has elapsed, the oven switches off automatically. This reduces the risk of burnt food and accidents. In addition to the appliance settings, you can have audible preparation recommendations for various dishes announced by touching the function selector button. This tells you, for example, how to make a pizza, which settings make chicken thighs crispy or how to prepare delicious potato wedges.

Programmes and functions

• 5 cooking modes: top/bottom heat with convection, top heat with convection, top/bottom heat, top heat with rotisserie, top/bottom heat with convection and rotisserie

• Oven temperature: 50° to 230°

• Cooking time setting up to 90 minutes

Scope of delivery

Mini oven with Feelware Audio control knobs, 1 Feelware AudioBox, 1 power supply unit for the AudioBox, audible operating instructions on CD, included accessories: baking tray, grill rack, crumb tray, rotating spit.

Services available

By parcel service

Customer reviews

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"The talking mini oven is top. I get along really well and I have already tried out many cooking suggestions."

Marlit P., speaking mini-oven Steba KBM23 Audio

"This mini oven is a convenient thing. I have to remember less and it gives me much more confidence. It's a great tool to use every day."

Dagmar K., speaking mini-oven Steba KBM23 Audio

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